Healthy Breakfast Cookie-Scones

The fall is here, and with it comes colder mornings, later sunrise, and more cravings for warm breakfasts- the problem? Most breakfasts high in protein are also high in fat and salt, which takes a toll on your heart, and many “healthy” breakfasts are almost all carbohydrates, which really increases blood sugars. But I have a great solution for you- perfect for those chilly autumn mornings, and packed with fiber, healthy proteins and carbohydrates, my healthy orange cranberry cookie-scones offer you a tasty breakfast option that is also nutritionally balanced and very filling! Try it out!

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Old-Fashioned Oats Aren’t So Old Fashioned Anymore

When a person has high blood sugar or cholesterol, one of the first thing he/she think of changing is the breakfasts. A common change people make is to say goodbye to cereal, eggs, and bacon, and start eating oatmeal. Plain, boiled oats in water or milk. Every day. For the few that like it that way, great! That’s less work for you. Sometimes we try to dress up our oats with fruit, honey or milk. This can be dangerous because all three will raise your blood sugars, and when combined with milk the glucose will increase very rapidly, especially since the meal becomes exclusively carbohydrate and a lot of it.

Watch out for a breakfast like this- cow and soy milk both raise blood glucose. Combined with fruits and the oat grains your glucose may spike very high.

For those of us who want more than just old-fashioned  old oats without spiking our blood sugars, cholesterol or blood pressure, I offer some reprieve.

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