Homemade Ranch Dressing

Bottled ranch dressing doesn’t have hardly any carbohydrates, but will almost always be high fat and/or high sodium. There are some ways to fix this, but first, as for any food item, its important to figure out what the key herbs and flavorings are, and what the main base is. Separate those in your mind, and try to figure out how to make each component better.

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A Fresh Take on Cranberry Sauce For a Healthy Holiday Season

Cranberry sauce is sometimes overlooked as a potentially healthy food. People with Diabetes often stay clear of the cranberry sauce because it can have loads of added sugar. Being seen as a simple dish, people often forego the cranberry sauce at holiday feasts, or buy the canned cranberry jelly sauce to cut corners. Though good cranberry sauce, if done right, can be a game changer on your Thanksgiving table. Continue reading “A Fresh Take on Cranberry Sauce For a Healthy Holiday Season”