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Closer patient connection. Better clinical outcomes.

All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Solution
  • Software, devices, clinical service, and tech support all provided by iHealth
  • Big data-empowered disease management
  • Tracked clinical outcome measures and reimbursement

Physician-Centered Care Team

care team
  • Professional clinicians to address clinical compliance
  • Seamless collaboration with our care team
  • Efficient care coordination

People-Centered Care

patient care
  • A tailored care plan for each patient
  • Holistic clinical services and tech support 12 hrs/day, 7 days/week
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling from our Registered Dietitians

How Unified Care Works

All-In-One Solution for Value-Based Care

Patient Onboarding & Monitoring
  • Patients receive our iHealth Bluetooth devices
  • Care team teaches patients how to use our devices and mobile app
Customized Care Plan Coordination
  • Our professional clinical team sets individualized goals with the patient
  • Goals are reviewed by the provider as needed for an effortless, holistic care approach
Ongoing Remote Monitoring & Coaching
  • We provide a team of licensed Registered Dietitians & Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Our team delivers individualized, real-time motivational coaching focused on behavioral change
  • We escalate urgent cases to the physician immediately
  • Our team filters less urgent matters and handles them according to the provider’s preference

Specialized Monitoring and Lifestyle Support

Clinically proven programs for diabetes and hypertension management

iHealth blood glucose device


  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • RD, CDE services
blood pressure monitoring device


  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Optional MNT services for qualifying patients
heart beats


  • Additional monitoring devices and MNT services available for qualifying conditions

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Clinical Outcomes You Can See

Blood Pressure Improvement


reduction of stage 2 HTN patients after 3 months


reduction in HTN crisis patients after 3 months


overall BP Control Rate after 3 months

Blood Glucose Improvement


reduction in HbA1c poor control rate after 3 months (HbA1c > 9.0)


increase in good control after 3 months
(HbA1c < 7.0)


HbA1c reduction
over 3 months

We Are Designed For Better Healthcare

For the Provider

  • provider_enrollment
    Transparent enrollment and clinical outcome data

For the Patient

  • onboarding steps
    Onboarding & Technical support

For the Provider

  • Transparent enrollment and clinical outcome data
  • Smart vitals alerting system
  • Integrated hypertension triage

For the Patient

  • Onboarding & technical support
  • Vitals reminders and goal tracking
  • Tailored virtual coaching and behavioral support
Transparent enrollment and 
clinical outcome data
smart alert system
hypertension triage
goal tracking

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