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We help your patients manage chronic conditions to achieve better outcomes while adding additional revenue to your practice

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Empowering you to provide better care

Unified Care delivers successful Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs through our provider-centric care team, data-driven software, and smart devices.

Personalized Patient Care

  • On-demand lifestyle support for chronic conditions through our user-friendly app
  • Virtual and face-to-face interaction
  • A tailored care plan for every patient

Ensured Compliance at Home

  • Extended care from your office to patient’s home
  • Patient portal with case management system for organized and efficient care
  • Financial transparency including reimbursement and billing reports

Provider-Centric Care Team

  • A care team built around the provider to help manage their patients’ chronic conditions
  • Increased patient engagement through real-time monitoring between office visits
  • Medication compliance and lifetime coaching

Data-Driven Software and Smart Devices

  • Cloud-based clinical platforms, intuitive mobile app, and smart monitoring devices
  • Real-time analysis of each patient's data trends for actionable insights
  • Medical outcome driven treatment and care plan adjustment

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What is RPM and CCM?

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM utilizes digital technologies to monitor patients' health conditions outside the clinic, making patient care more accessible.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CCM helps patients to control their chronic conditions through various health interventions, including monitoring, coaching, and education.

How it works

All-In-One Solution for Value-Based Care

Step 1

Sign up

We provide a seamless implementation, including technical training and billing consultations.

Step 2

Enroll Patients

We enroll your patients, ship monitoring devices, and provide all the onboarding and tech supports.

Step 3

Monitor Patients

Through our smart devices & mobile app, patients can track their vitals in real time and get daily support from our care team.

Step 4

Coordinate Care

Our care team provides virtual and in-person lifestyle coaching and we notify you on any escalated cases.

Step 5

Get Reimbursed

We provide billing reports and concise patient data for you to easily submit claims for reimbursement.

Why us?

You Can See

Blood Pressure Improvement

Arrow pointing downward
reduction of stage 2 HTN patients after 3 months
Arrow pointing downward
reduction in HTN crisis patients after 3 months
of our patients controlled their BP after 3 months

Blood Glucose Improvement

Arrow pointing downward
reduction in HbA1c poor control rate after 3 months (HbA1c > 9.0)
Arrow pointing downward
increase in good control after 3 months

(HbA1c < 7.0)
Arrow pointing downward
HbA1c reduction
over 3 months due to behavior modifications
Woman smiling when see the outcomes

A Financially Sustainable Solution

Earn annual RPM/CCM revenue based on the number of active patients
(16+ vitals measurement days/month) in your clinic

Number of Active Patients

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Estimated Annual Revenue

$390,000 - $660,000

Clinically proven programs for chronic conditions

Clinically proven programs for diabetes and hypertension management

iHealth Blood Glucose Meter


  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • RD, CDE services
Blood Pressure Meter


  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Optional MNT services for qualifying patients
Heart Beat Icon


  • Additional monitoring devices and services for related cardio-metabolic conditions

Data-Driven Platform and Smart Devices

For Providers

For Patients

patient enrollment data
smart alert system
visualized patient data
Hypertension triage on the Unified Care App
Mobile App tutorials on the Unified Care App
Vitals tracking remind on the Unified Care App
iHealth monitoring devices

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