Healthier Patients, Better QUALITY MEASURES, Lowered costs

Our value-based, chronic disease management programs focus on care quality measure improvement and cost savings for your organization.
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Equip your organization for improved patient health outcomes and greater savings

A turn-key solution for your organization to keep members healthier,
improve care quality score ratings, and reduce costs.

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All-In-One Solution:

Patient Monitoring and Care

Patient Monitoring and Care Coordination

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  • Personalized care for chronic conditions with coaching and treatment adjustments
  • Convenient home-based care with virtual/face-to-face interactions and online communication
  • Prompt provider support and collaboration with care team for escalated cases

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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  • Tailored nutrition counseling and coaching with registered dietitians for diabetes, hypertension, and weight management
  • Increased patient engagement through daily on-demand nutrition support
  • Empowering whole-person style care
Care Quality

Care Quality Measures Improvement

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  • Real-time analysis of patient's data trends for actionable insights
  • Customized patient data reports to implement care quality measure reporting and improve incentives for performance
PPE devices

Remote Monitoring Devices

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  • Cloud-based clinical platforms, intuitive mobile app, and smart monitoring devices
  • In-house smart devices and technical support team

EHR Integration

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  • Our platform integrates with your EHR vendor using app integration or customized options
  • Cost-effective pricing and tailored integration plans available
Cost Savings from Reduced ER Visits
Revenue Generation from Improved Care Quality Incentives
Quality Care Measures Reporting
How does Unified Care Implement a Value Based Care Model?

A focus on incentives based on quality empowers better patient outcomes and overall cost savings.

Find out how Unified Care helps your organization improve revenue and clinical outcomes.


Maximize your care quality incentives and improve patient satisfaction and health. Our value-based model pricing is performance-based and aligns with your care quality and cost savings goals.

We work directly with your organization's care quality team to:
  • Motivate practices and physicians
  • Engage patients and improve patient satisfaction
  • Provide high-quality care focusing on uncontrolled and at-risk patients to improve overall member
  • Keep patients compliant and well-controlled to reduce professional and facility utilizations


Identify Uncontrolled and At-risk Patients


Onboard Practices and Physicians

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Adjust Care Plan Based on Data

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring and coaching


Coordinate with care quality team and physicians


Improved HEDIS Score

For Payer/ Integrated Health System

Unified Care focuses on patient population risk control and keeping their conditions controlled at different risk levels. We approach patients' well-being through a holistic, patient-centered, and efficient intervention based on members' risk levels.

Scalable Program
Population Health
Cost Savings
EHR Integration


Apply and get approved for federal funding. We will provide the necessary tools to get continuous RPM funding and report project outcomes.

  • HRSA funding resource
  • Patient clinical outcomes from Unified Care's FQHC partners
  • UDS Data Reporting Solutions

Value-Based Care Model Shows Better Patient Outcomes

Cost Savings
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Our business model is focused on providing you better revenue and healthier patients.

Increased ROI
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Our technology, dedicated care team, and data-driven intervention reduces unnecessary costs for payers. See cost savings per patient in as little as 1 year.

Happier, Healthier Patients
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We continuously work with providers to focus on the overall health and wellbeing of patients, resulting in improved health outcomes.

How It Works

All-In-One Solution for Value-Based Care

Step 1

Identify High-Risk Patients

We focus on outreach to high-risk patients and work with providers for quick intervention.

Step 2

Enroll Patients

We enroll your patients, ship monitoring devices, and provide all the onboarding and tech support.

Step 3

Monitor Patients

Through our smart devices & mobile app, patients can track their vitals in real time and get daily support from our care team.

Step 4

Coordinate Care

Our care team provides virtual and in-person lifestyle coaching and we notify you on any escalated cases.

Step 5

Care Quality Measures Improvement

We provide customized patient data reports 
for you to easily implement care quality measure reporting and get more incentives for performance.

Data-Driven Platform and Smart Devices

For Providers

For Patients

EHR Integration Graph
For Providers
Cost-Effective EHR Integration
Unified Care Dashboard
For Providers
Transparent Patient Enrollment
Unified Care Smart Alerts
For Providers
Smart Alerting System
Virtualized patient data in graphs
For Providers
Visualized Patient Data
Integrated Hypertension Triage
For Providers
Integrated Hypertension Triage
Mobile App with interactive tutorials
For Patients
Mobile App with Interactive tutorials
Vitals tracking reminders
For Patients
Vitals Tracking Reminders
Smart monitoring devices
For Patients
Smart Monitoring Devices

Proven Clinical Outcomes

Our clinically proven programs improves patient satisfaction, retention rates, and increases revenue for your organization.

HbA1c Control Rate at Baseline, 
3 & 6 Months For Diabetes Patients

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Reduction in HbA1c poor control (HbA1c > 9.0) rate after 6 months
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Average A1c Reduction in 6 Months
(baseline HbA1c > 8.0)

Blood Pressure Control in 6 months
For Hypertension Patients

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Reduction of stage 2 HTN patients after 12 months
Arrow pointing downward
Reduction in HTN crisis patients after 3 months
14.3/ 7.5
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Overall BP Reduction after 12 months (>140/90)

Patients Love Our Mobile App

five starts
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See what our users say about the patient app.

Wonderful App!

five starts

Wonderful app! You just plug in the information and the app does all the work. I love that it calculates all of my steps. The glucose process is stress free now that the awesome Team educated me on it. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable and patient with me. Just knowing that the Team and my Doctor are receiving my results is such a huge benefit. Thank you so much for watching over me!

Love the Personal Attention

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It’s been wonderful having the expertise of the dietitians directed on how I cook and how I eat. Their suggestions and positive support have been invaluable to me as we craft together a food program that works for me. Thank you so much!

Five Stars Program

five starts

This program is helping me to monitor my pre- diabetes and loose weight. The team is very supportive and positive. Even when I make a mistake, the team is always encouraging! Without their support, positive attitude, encouragement and ideas for goal setting, it would be much more difficult to be successful in achieving these goals. Thank you to the team I report to, I don’t think I could stay on track without your assistance in all of the above mentioned areas.

Works great!

five starts

When it comes to Diabetes, knowledge and support are most important. The app in combination with doctors care, their hardware and real time feedback from licensed nutritionists goes far to control and treat the disease. From my experience, understanding the subtleties of diet, timing and the impacts on the body is not simple really. The highly knowledgeable staff helps to point out facts and practices not evident from just general knowledge of the disease.

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