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Variable Blood Pressure? Check at Different Times!

Nina Ghamrawi, MS, RD, CDE
February 26, 2023
March 6, 2023

If you are wondering how often to check blood pressure, well, you’ll hear me say a lot… “It depends!” Watch the video to know what I mean, or keep reading!

Most people have between 1 and 3 times per day when their blood pressure typically peaks. Some people only have one peak, but you won’t know unless you check 3 times a day consistently for about a week or two. These times are different for everyone, but they usually happen early in the morning, around mid-day, and maybe also evening or bedtime.

Always check when you first wake up. At LEAST.

At t he very least, check blood pressure in the morning when you first wake up daily. Most people will have blood pressure at its lowest at this time.

Most likely, check at night, too.

To catch the other times of day where BP may change, check  also in the evening. Most people have blood pressure rise throughout the day with stressors of driving, dealing with people, moving around, or even dietary habits.

If the pattern is still unclear, add a mid-day check.

Sometimes, certain people can have even 3 peaks in the day. This is usually because of life stressors, but may be due to a higher sodium diet, especially at breakfast. So if you don’t know what your BP is like during the middle of the day, check!

If you find that theres a particular time of day, or day of the week where blood pressure is highest, you can learn ways to bring it down naturally, with relaxation techniques like meditation, hobbies, or exercise.

These 3 checks a day will tell you if your BP is rising, falling, or erratic throughout the day, and can also help your doctor better understand the best timing for you and your medications.