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Can the GOLO Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Yiwen Lu, MS, RD, CPT
July 15, 2023
December 14, 2023

If you're on the lookout for a diet plan that promises weight loss, improved health, and a better quality of life, the GOLO Diet may have caught your eye. The website greets you with three catchy logos: "GOLOse Weight, GOLOok Great, GOLOve Life." Sounds very nice, right? But what exactly is the GOLO Diet? What are the health benefits and concerns? Should you try it? Read on to find out.

What is the GOLO Diet?

The GOLO Diet recommends a healthy eating plan that closely aligns with what any healthcare provider would advise, emphasizing the consumption of whole foods such as lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and an abundance of vegetables. It also highlights the importance of portion control and steering clear of processed foods, refined sugar, and unhealthy fats. So far, nothing too out of the ordinary, right?

However, what sets the GOLO Diet apart is its incorporation of the brand-name supplement: GOLO Release. The GOLO company claims that combining their supplement with a healthy eating plan can improve insulin resistance and boost metabolism, which they believe are the main causes that hinder weight loss efforts. Although the idea of a weight loss supplement may raise eyebrows, the GOLO Diet believes that this unique approach can make all the difference in shedding those unwanted pounds.

What is the GOLO Release?

Curious about the contents of GOLO Release? This supplement, recommended to be taken at every meal, is a vital part of the GOLO Diet plan. According to the company, their unique blend of ingredients can enhance your overall health, optimize metabolism, reverse insulin resistance, and support your weight loss goals. So, what are these ingredients exactly? Let's take a closer look:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Rhodiola extract
  • Inositol
  • Berberine extract
  • Gardenia extract
  • Banaba extract
  • Salacia extract
  • Apple extract

These ingredients are generally recognized as safe by the FDA. But if you are not aware of this already, although the FDA recognizes the safety of these ingredients, it does not provide approval for dietary supplements. It is still the companies' responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. What the FDA does is, it ensures compliance by conducting facility inspections and monitoring adverse event reports. If there are public health concerns regarding the safety of a dietary supplement or ingredient, the FDA has the authority to take necessary action to safeguard the public.

Now what about the cost? The monthly cost of GOLO varies depending on the program you choose. The 30-day Rescue Plan, which includes the Release and Rescue supplements, costs around $50 per month. The Complete Program, which includes coaching and access to additional resources, costs around $400 for a 90-day supply.

Health Benefits & Concerns

The GOLO Diet is all about promoting healthy eating to assist with weight loss. But here's the question: Is strict adherence to the plan and its recommended foods a must? Not necessarily. The plan is actually based on general principles of healthy eating, without any added supplements. So, there's flexibility to tailor it to your preferences while still reaping the benefits of a wholesome diet.

One concern with the GOLO Diet is the lack of concrete evidence to support its weight loss claims. All studies supporting the diet's effectiveness are funded by GOLO, which raises questions about their reliability. Additionally, due to inadequate research, there is no information about the long-term sustainability of weight loss or the safety of the GOLO Diet.


So,  is the GOLO Diet worth a try? Can it really boost your metabolism? While the GOLO Diet promotes healthy eating, it may not directly affect your metabolism. One of the safest ways to boost your metabolic rate is through exercise, which increases muscle mass. When you have more muscle mass, your metabolic rate increases because muscle uses more energy than fat - even when at rest! As a registered dietitian, I strongly recommend consulting with your doctor or a registered dietitian before starting any special diet.

Furthermore, consider the financial aspect of healthy eating, as it is a lifelong journey. Skip the search for a "magic" diet. Focus on lifestyle changes instead of short-term diet plans—they're the real game-changers. Ultimately, the key to successful weight loss and improved overall wellness is to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and work with your healthcare team to develop a realistic and sustainable plan.

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